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Edufinder is a new online platform in international student exchange. It was developed by a team of experts with a 30-year success record. Our platform connects motivated students with schools that best match their interests and abilities. It's simple, fast and secure. Upload a great profile and begin your search.
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Do you plan to attend a school in a foreign country? With Edufinder, you are taking the first important step towards this goal. You can search for schools of your choice and initiate the interest of schools by creating a powerful profile. We will easily and quickly connect you to the schools of your choice.

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Edufinder for Schools

Do you want to attract ambitious international students? Create an excellent profile to ensure your school is included in Edufinder’s database. You can also search our database and connect with students you believe would be an excellent addition to your school. No need to take costly promotional trips!

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You receive the opportunity to go on an exchange once in a lifetime. On an exchange you don't just learn about a new country from your classes, you learn about yourself. It's the best experience I've ever had – thanks to Edufinder.com.

Sarah, 18 Siegburg (Germany)

To have the opportunity to study in another country, see and experience the lifestyle, culture, people and food is something not many people have the chance to do. Though there were challenging aspects to the time, these were outweighed by the fun times I had and the people that I met. I have made friends for life!

William, 19, Skanderborg (Denmark)

Thanks to Edufinder.com, it was the best year of my daughter's educational career. She is different; she is better, more confident, cheerful and more focused on others than she was before.

Emma, 43, Padua (Italy)

For the first time in our life our daughter is totally happy with her education and everything in her life. We wish we had met your platform earlier!

Urs, 41, Chur (Switzerland)

The school I found through Edufinder.com helped me to become exactly the person I always wanted to be.

Annette, 18, Gütersloh (Germany)

The search and matching functions helped me in finding the right school. I gained self-responsibility and personal empowerment. I loved attending school and miss it immensely! Thanks, guys!

Peter, 21, Vienna (Austria)

The teachers developed the best in our children. Both attend different schools, matching their strengths and weaknesses.

George & Michèle, Aix-en-Provence (France)

The faith-based education I received helped enrich my high-school experience alongside the strong academics, community service and athletic programs that were offered too. This well-rounded education helped my development while reinforcing the human and social values that my parents had brought me up with.

John, 18, Manchester (Great Britain)

I was overwhelmed by all the study opportunities, high schools, subjects and agencies I found online. I didn´t know where and how to start. I knew my budget, my timeframe and my talents. Through Edufinder.com I easily found my best-matching school. First I planned on studying in the U.S., but then a great school in Canada found my profile – and even granted me a scholarship. Go for it, experience Edufinder.com – it will change your life!

Michaela, 19, Dorsten (Germany)


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