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Dreaming of a school stay in a foreign country? A wonderful, adventurous time just lies ahead! We help you to apply and connect to schools matching your needs early and easily. With us, you take one of the key steps before going abroad. Login to find your perfect match!

  • Easily find the best school/s online – individually matching your dreams and requirements.
  • Present yourself to international schools in a perfect way - with a complete application (valid data mandatory)
  • Directly get in touch with and connect online - to your best-matched school
  • Find lots of useful information and tips around your application - from possible scholarships to financial aid
  • As a student you may use Edufinder free of charge – no agency program fees apply (approx. $8,000). If you require optional “out of the box” services additional fees do apply. Besides Edufinder usage is free of charge, there will be additional costs ahead such as, but not limited to, school tuition & fees, air travel, personal spending money
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Edufinder – the smart online meeting point for students and schools

Edufinder is run and backed by an expert team with a long-term proven success record. Here you will quickly find matching schools in the country of your dreams. Introduce yourself, present your abilities and special talents online - and apply immediately, using a great online profile.


Please take ample time to complete your profile – this is going to be a true application!

Your online application is key - the more concise and convincing it is, the more schools will want to meet you personally. Please invest enough time to create your self-portrayal and answer all questions thoroughly. You may know: There is no 2nd chance for a 1st impression!

Possible services-at-fees

  • Personal interview to screen you for the school
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Application review – support to create your application
  • 3rd party insurance packages
  • Visa application support
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Local coordinator services


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