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Edufinder.com is an online platform that assists parents and students in finding the right schools and educational institutions in Germany and internationally. Edufinder.com makes its platform available to schools and institutions of higher education to present themselves, to publicize their programs and to recruit students. This platform allows students and educational facilities to find each other in an uncomplicated way, to get to know one another and build towards a shared future.

Status: May 2021

There are no fees for parents and students for utilizing the Edufinder.com platform. There are no costs associated to opening, maintaining and closing of user accounts on Edufinder.com. This, of course, is independent of any registration and/or tuition fees which could be incurred at certain institutions—something that is outside the realm of Edufinder.com.

Coverage and Liabilities

As a service provider, according to Article 7, Section 1 of Telemediengesetz (TMG; German Telemedia Act), Edufinder.com takes responsibility for its own content on the platform. Though, as per Articles 8 to 10 TMG, Edufinder.com is not obligated to verify information and check content transmitted and/or saved on its platform by outside parties. Edufinder.com will immediately upon being informed remove any content from its site that has been deemed as infringing on the rights of others. Edufinder.com shall be liable only from the date of having acquired the knowledge of the presence of infringing material on its website.

Except in cases where damages might come about directly from or, through gross negligence on its part, Edufinder.com accepts no liability for content communicated. These include all kinds of damages, especially such damages which are caused by mistakes, delays, or disconnections in transmission, technical failures in equipment and servicing, incorrect material, loss or deletion of data, viruses or other matters that can come about during the use of this online platform.

Edufinder.com accepts no responsibility for content, correctness, lawfulness and functionality of websites of third parties linked to Edufinder.com. The linked websites were checked for any unlawfulness at the time of establishing the link, and no grounds for not linking them were found. Upon being informed of injurious or liable content, we shall immediately remove such links from our website. Clicking on links, however, will be done at one’s own risk.


The content offered on Edufinder.com website is copyrighted and protected. Its use is subject to copyrights laws. The website may not be altered, copied, re-published, transmitted, or saved without prior consent of Edufinder.com.

Edufinder.com will provide a simple, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license for a one-time download of certain software, images, data and their content. All the rights, however, remain with Edufinder.com.

Edufinder.com bears no responsibility for problems in accessing the website that may be caused by force majeure, natural or man-made, or by any cause outside the realm of its control, including any breakdown in networks or gateways. Edufinder.com does not guarantee that the website will function uninterrupted or error free, or when failures and mistakes on it are not corrected. As well, Edufinder.com shall not be liable for the correctness of content on its website.

Privacy Policy

Edufinder.com is committed to the upholding of data protection as provided by law. For more on this, we like to refer you to the section dealing with General Privacy Policy.

Changes to Terms of Use

Edufinder.com reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time. Information on changes will not be directly communicated. It is the responsibility of the user to independently check for changes to terms of use.

Accepting the Terms of Use

The Terms of Use govern the utilization of Edufinder.com services. By registering, and going through the process of registration, the user declares his/her acceptance of our terms of use.

Permission to Use

In our mission to support education, we have limited the use of Edufinder.com platform to: students of all ages, parents who are looking for educational offers in foreign countries or for schools, language-schools, universities, educational institutions of all levels and standards, education counselors and agencies; faculties, lecturers, as well as governmental agencies and organizations.

For Pupils, Students and Parents:

There is no minimum age requirement, nor any requirement for a minimum level of education to utilize the services offered on Edufinder.com. The use of Edufinder.com is free of charge.

For Schools, Universities, Educational Institutions, Agencies, Counselors, Faculties, Organizations, Governmental Agencies:

The use of Edufinder.com is open to all persons and institutions in the educational sector, as long as these institutions are in possession of the necessary accreditation. Edufinder.com reserves the right to accept an accreditation. Agencies will have to provide additional references in certain cases. Edufinder.com reserves the right to check references, and the right to reject or delete registrations on its website, free of any liability.

Use of Content on Edufinder.com

Edufinder.com makes it possible for its users to have access to the available content on its website. Students and parents of students who are looking for education prospects domestically and/or in foreign countries may use such information solely for private purposes. Users who will be using the platform of Edufinder.com for professional purposes may do so solely for their professional purposes. The content on Edufinder.com and its software are protected by international copyright laws, have trademark protection, and protection through other rights. It is prohibited to change, duplicate, publish, transmit, send, gain commercially from, exhibit, or sell the content which is made available for users of Edufinder.com.

Usage Limitations on Edufinder.com

It is not permitted to have more than one user account on Edufinder.com, except where this has been explicitly agreed to by Edufinder.com. Multiple accounts can be deleted, with or without prior notice to account holders. Agencies, institutions and organizations in the education sector could be excluded from use of Edufinder.com services should there be grounds to doubt their trustworthiness or accreditations. Edufinder.com reserves the right to delete accounts of those mentioned above, with or without prior notification.

Users are prohibited from utilizing Edufinder.com for the purposes of communicating/transmitting content which is: illegal, in any shape or form injurious to intellectual property rights (including but not limited to trademark protection and copyrights), are injurious to personal rights and/or the public, in any way trespass the private sphere of another or constrain and harm it, are misused, inappropriate and violent in nature. Users are prohibited to endanger the security of Edufinder.com site, be this by way of unauthorized accessing of data, logging into servers or accounts for which they possess no access rights (Users have to create an account that is in accordance with their purposes and business: an agency has to be registered as an agency and an institution as an institution.), manipulating the authentication measures, limiting the services of another user, such as but not limited to introducing viruses, spamming or overloading the website so as to harm it.

Any action harmful to the website and its network security will be dealt with legally - criminally and/or civilly. Edufinder.com would follow up on any such harmful cases as mentioned above and would cooperate with the appropriate authorities in prosecuting violators.

Registration and User Content

To use the services of Edufinder.com, a user must register, and accept the terms of use during the registration process. There are no costs attached to registering. For the registration, Edufinder.com will ask the user for a valid email address and a username under which he/she will interact on the website. The user will have to choose a password that is at least eight digits long, containing letters, numbers, and special characters. The user is obligated to keep his password secure and not to make it available to another person. Accordingly, Edufinder.com would like to make it clear that at no time - be it during a meeting or phone call, or in an email communication - will it ask the user for his password. The registration will take effect either by way of a confirmation click or entering of a confirmation code. The confirmation link or pass-code will be delivered by email at the email address given by the user. Upon confirming, the user enters into a contract with Edufinder.com.

Should a registration be left uncompleted, Edufinder.com will make use of its right to delete the incomplete registration and whatever content it may hold at that point.

The user does not have an automatic claim on the services of Edufinder.com. Edufinder.com reserves the right to deny participation without having to offer grounds for such.

Edufinder.com accepts no liability for, and does not guarantee, the authenticity of a user’s identity; it is up to each user to convince himself of the authenticity of another user's identity. Edufinder.com, however, has the right to ask for necessary documentation in order to prove the authenticity of a user's identity and/or accreditation. If such supporting information is not forwarded within the expected period of time or is deemed to be false, the account of the user will be deleted.

All of the information included in the profile of a student will be made visible to all educational institutions on Edufinder.com.

Users are solely responsible for all the information, messages and posts they enter, send or present through their accounts.

By posting content on Edufinder.com, the user acknowledges that he/she has the rights to the material. He/she also acknowledges that the content is not injurious to the privacy, rights, copyrights, contract rights, or any other rights of another.

Edufinder.com is not liable for the actions of users on its site and will pursue a criminal prosecution in the event of any infringements. The user agrees he/she will bear the ensuing costs of any liability arising out of his/her actions on Edufinder.com.

Edufinder.com acts in the capacity of an online platform. It will look for commonalities between students and educational institutions based on the information provided by them, and may, therefore, suggest that the parties make contact with one another.

Edufinder.com will not examine the content of communications between its users, neither is it obligated to do so. However, Edufinder.com may examine and/or delete such user content that are not in accordance with its terms of use, are illegal, or deemed to be harmful to the rights and security of another user.

Edufinder.com reserves the right to delete any such content that are in conflict with its terms of use, and to closing the account of the offending user.

The following list contains some of the contents that are not allowed on Edufinder.com. This list is by no means exhaustive, and is presented as examples.

Contents are prohibited which:

  • infringe on intellectual property rights of another, or contain unauthorized use of copyrighted material,
  • infringe on intellectual property rights of another, or contain unauthorized use of copyrighted material,
  • contain restricted, or hidden pages and images,
  • contain or propagate objectionable or pornographic material,
  • are abusive, destructive, objectionable, or contain hate-speech, threats, encourage or associate with fanatical behavior toward groups or individuals,
  • harass, or contain insulting material against persons or groups of people,
  • propagate erroneous, defamatory or libelous information,
  • contain information about illegal activities, or encouragement thereof, such as harm to the private sphere of another person, media theft (piracy), spreading of computer viruses, sale and manufacture of weapons, or to ask for passwords and such other private information from other users,
  • send out Spam, bulk mailings, or junk mail,
  • encourage or approve of illegal activities

Consenting to Email Communications

By registering on Edufinder.com, the user agrees to receiving emails in connection to their account on Edufinder.com. Those users who do not wish to receive any emails from Edufinder.com, have to inform the same at info@edufinder.com.


Edufinder.com does not guarantee the correct operation of its website, nor that the Edufinder.com website or its servers will be free of viruses and other such harmful mechanisms. Edufinder.com functions on a “status-quo”basis and does not guarantee the completeness, correctness or sincerity of the content and services on its website, nor of the content provided by users.

No Unauthorized Commercial Use

The user agrees not to transfer or sell the rights given to him/her under these terms of use. Furthermore, the user agrees not to make any unauthorized use of Edufinder.com.


The user declares herewith that Edufinder.com, its partner firms, its employees and agents are free of any liability or claims for costs that can come about as a result of for example, but not limited to, user content posted on Edufinder.com, or through their use, or through any form of utilization conflicting with its terms of use.

Additional Terms of Use

Certain areas of Edufinder.com are subject to additional terms of use. These pages are relevant to those who use Edufinder.com professionally, and are not of concern for students or their parents. By using these areas, the user has declared his acceptance of their terms of use.


Each user is entitled to cancel his/her membership and close their account, without having to give any reasons, and with immediate effect.

Edufinder.com, too, has the right to cancel a membership/close an account at any time, after giving a termination notice of fourteen days to the middle or end of a month. This is in addition to the right already held by Edufinder.com to terminate an account on grounds of important reasons such as a breach with the Terms of Use, breaking the rules of behavior, or on any additional legal grounds.

At the deadline of the termination notice, all personal data related to the user will be fully and irreversibly deleted. The irreversible deletion of all data may take a certain amount of time - a maximum of 48 hours - to complete. This does not apply to the longer storage of data pertaining to cases of misuse and criminal investigation.

Final provisions

These Terms of Use and the entire legal relationship between users and Edufinder.com are exclusively subject to German laws.

Should any of the regulations and Terms of Use be or become invalid, the validity of the rest of the terms shall remain unaffected.



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